retail POS software
Connect multiple workstations within store
See detailed Reports and Graphs
Accurately value your stock
Easiest, yet powerful
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retail POS software retail POS software

Why choose TradeMeters Point of Sale Software?

Itís not just a POS Software
Itís a complete Financial Application

  • Translates your work into accounting entries
  • Create custom accounts
  • Record expenses
  • Create Profit & Loss Account
  • Automatic data transfer from point of sale software to the built-in accounting app.

Easiest, yet Powerful

  • Accept credit cards from POS software screen
  • Touch Screen compatible
  • Handle thousands of transactions a day
  • Fast and stable interface for a quicker checkout.
  • Manage inventory, user rights, orders, returns
  • Establish in-store network and manage from back-office + Multi-store
  • + a lot more! See all features

Full Scale Customizability

  • Choose your currency & logo
  • Create tax locations & tax groups
  • Print receipts and labels as you like
  • Pick your templates and customize them
  • Order any new POS features and we will program those for you. Our competitors cannot match this!

Customer Loyalty Programs

  • Customize your store's own rewards scheme for better customer retention.
  • Issue gift cards
  • Issue coupons from within the point of sale software and redeem them.


  • Visually interactive reports
  • Performance calendars
  • Customers history display within point of sale software
  •    and many more...


Support & After Sales

  • 1 year free support
  • Guaranteed email support
  • Remote desktop assistance (almost as good as on-site support)

Get Started Now (Risk Free: No credit card, No obligation)

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