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Tax Settings

Users can choose to select No Taxation, a Single tax rate, or Multi Level taxes with as many locations and groups as needed.

For Single Tax:

For Multiple Taxes:


Tax Location = California
Tax Group Name = California Tax
Rate 1 = 7.5%, Tax Account = Tax Liability (Default tax account).
Rate 2 = 2.5%, Tax Account = City (new tax account).
Rate 3 = 3.5%, Tax Account = County (new tax account).

Total Tax for this tax group = 13.5%

Users can add any number of tax locations, tax groups and tax accounts etc. Users can also use different tax groups and locations for items with varied tax rates or for tax variations dependent on volume/price ranges etc. Any Tax location can be selected and changed during sale.

Note: If a Tax group is added/deleted in one location, it will be automatically added/deleted from other locations.